Document clustering
Want your time to be saved?
With out web service you can easily, without stress and hard work, cluster your documents into groups representing different topics.
When do you need this?
No matter if you represent a big company with enormous document flow or are just an ordinary person wanting to organize your documents, our service will do it for you!
How are you doing this?
How does it work?
The answer is obvious: machine learning!
From uploaded documents we identify groups of similar to each other ones and different from documents in other groups. We do not know in advance which the groups should be and allow the algorithm to determine it itself.
We extract features from your documents: keywords, topics and so on.
Then by the similarity of this features we divide the documents into groups — clusters.
And you see the result.
OK, let me try it!
Example of results
Diagram describing relations between clusters and documents in each of them.
Voronoi diagram showing centers of clusters and other information for pro users.